Memes are something that have been around, and something that I have definitely noticed for a couple of years now but it wasn’t until more recently that I noticed the extremely popularity and usefulness of memes.  For a long time, memes to be were just funny things that people used to just get a laugh, but it wasn’t until more recently that I noticed that power of memes.  Memes can be used for laughs (of course), but they can also be used to advertise an event or idea, or even  used as negative tool with the intention of making fun of someone or a group of people.



The first meme that I really like is shown above and it is called the “Y U NO” guy.  The reason that I chose this meme in my top three is for pure comical purposes.  I was actually introduced to this meme through twitter.  The meme was transformed into a twitter page posting hilarious “Y U NO” statements that reflected different views on pop culture, current events, and the media in general. 



The next meme that I would put in my top three is the successful black man meme.  The reason I would put this in my top three is because I really enjoy the fact that it kind of picks on the normal stereotypes associated with being black. 



The final meme that I would put in my top three is the one shown above, that I honestly don’t know the technically name for.  This is a meme that I didn’t really know existed until the Rutgersmemes phase came around earlier in the semester.  I think it is a funny and interesting meme that does a lot of what I listed earlier.  It can be comedic, but it also can get a point across, or even make fun or something wether it is in a comedic way or a hurtful way.

Memes have become a form of self-expression.  They say a lot, but no not require large amounts of effort.  Anyone can make a meme.  I think that is one of the main reasons behind the growing success of them.  The success of memes can be seen through the Rutgersmeme phase.  Rutgersmemes started with just a few memes that followed the model of many the popular memes seen today and in less than a week there were 100,000’s of people following the page and 100’s a people creating their own memes.  The memes poked fun at the things that Rutgers Students found funny, as well as highlighted the positives of the Rutgers community.  The creators of the memes also had a chance to have a small “15 minutes of fame” as there memes were shared and raved over for the time being.  

I honestly am not sure that memes could be used in my groups final topic, just because memes have a comedic kind of feel to them and the subject manner of the project that my group and all of the other groups is not comedic in any way.  From my knowledge of memes I just cannot think of one that would fit in, in an appropriate way. 



I believe that my group Old Dogs New Tricks is doing a great job so far when it comes to working on our midterm project.  We have divvied up the responsibilities well and are really working towards coming up with a whole project.  I think that we have taken a different approcah when it comes to displaying the topic of dating abuse and it is something that will really set us apart in the final.

Personally, I was responsible for making the prezi that we will be screencasting and using in our final video.  Prezi is something that I have used before to make project and even something I used for a job interview.  What is so different about prezi is that is offers a really cool zooming feature which allows people to stay interested in what is in front of them because the information is moving in such an interesting way.  

The road bumps I see my group facing in the future really have to do with the editing of our video.  I think getting our pieces separately is not a problem for us but putting it together might cause issues.  It might be difficult to find a way to place everything in a cohesive manner, but I think after we get feedback on the rough draft we will be fine and will be able to put together a great piece about dating abuse. 

Creative Commons Search

I’m not going to lie, for some reason the creative commons website was extremely confusing for me to figure out how to use.  I stumbled around until I go a good idea of how to use the site, and after I figured out how to use the site I had to search for content that really worked with the project that me and my group are doing.  

The picture that I found that I really left captured a lot of the problems with abusive relationships can be found HERE.

The reason I find this photo so powerful is because from the front these two probably look like a normal, healthy relationship with little problem.  They are both dressed nicely and from the front it may look like he is just holding her hand.  But from the back is is very clear that abuse is being done and has been done in the past due to the bruises on the women’s arm.  

The video clip that I found focused on abusive relationships is the video focusing on the promo for a film called blame which can be found HERE. The parts that I find  very useful are the part where the creative director talks about how he was in class and the teacher made a joke focusing on abusive relationships and while many people laughed one girl ran out crying.  I also found the idea that anyone can relate to an abusive relationship very important.  You don’t have to be in one to understand what one is or see the signs. 


I have a love/hate relationship with GoogleDocs.  I love it a large majority of the time and I think that is extremely useful.  

The first time I ever really used GoogleDocs was over the summer for my job with orientation.  I worked check-in with the iPads and me and a group of four other orientation leaders used the googledocs system to sign people in for the sessions and make sure all of their contact information was correct.  The system worked a lot quicker than a pen and paper process would work. 

The only bad thing about googledocs is the fact that it automatically saves, constantly.  That seems like it would be a good thing, and in some occasions it is, but it is horrible when you accidentally delete a large portion of whatever you are doing and you can fix it because it has already saved. 

But honestly, I love googledocs and it is a great way for groups of people to stay updated with one another and even interact live.


Midterm Review

I spent a lot of time trying to think of a topic for the midterm blog, which is one of the reasons why it took me such a long time to actually start it.  There were plenty of topics that I could have created a blog on, but I wanted to create something that I really felt that I would spend time and effort working on after the midterm was due.  

With that said, I decided to write a leadership blog because I feel like leadership and personal development are two things that are really important to me.  And I am currently in many leadership positions and I also am taking a leadership class that is opening up my eyes to a lot of different leadership styles and tactics.

When it comes to actually creating the blog I really wanted to have more photos on the main blog, because honestly, I believe that text on a blog without any visual is really boring and isn’t really going to attract any kind of traffic.  I also to have a very simple and clean blog because that is the kind of blog that I am attracted to.

I would hate to have a blog that I think is ugly. 

The Lazy’s College Girls’s Guide to Fashion

I really loved this blog!  I thought that is was very complete and actually had a lot of information.  While I do like to look nice, I’m not someone that is really into fashion, but I think this blog laid out very possible clothing options for me.  I also really enjoyed the screencast for the lookbook website because it is something that I could definitely use.

Bon Appetit 

I’m supposed to be on a diet, but omg.

First of all I loved that layout of the blog and it is so cute and it’s my favorite color.  I really liked the inclusion of the chocolate chip cookie recipe because cookies seems like a very simple thing to make but personally I have never made cookies by scratch.  I also liked that she talked about the fat sandwiches because that is something that is very personal to rutgers. 

It’s time for the movies

I love movies!

I love superhero movies, which is why I was attracted to the the blog because the first thing on the blog was the trailer for The Avengers a movie that I am I really excited.  I also really liked that they included things about bad movies and not just the good movies that we are all used to hearing about. 

Intern’s Guide

I really like this blog!

I think it’s really cute and it is relevant to me because I am interested in potentially going into a field of public relations and event planning.  I could see this blog really going somewhere if it was continued and it is something that I would be interested in following because it is relevant to me. 

My DM Experience

I liked this blog because Dance Marathon is something that I have been involved in for two years.  It was really interesting to see the view point of someone that is a lot more involved and invested in the organization than I am.  I also think that the blog is very clean and that is something that I really like because like I said earlier in this post I really do value clean and organized blogs. 


This weeks assignment was to make a screencast video.

I was actually surprised by how simple I found the process because for some reason I assumed that it would be extremely difficult to actually maneuver.  The only thing I found really difficult was figuring out what to say about the video as I was recording my screencast.  That was actually very weird too because this is a website that I am very familiar with and have spent a large amount of time on in the past.  

While I think screencasting if really simple and it is something that I would show others in the future I don’t think it is something that I will use.  I hate hearing my own voice mainly because it sounds nothing like it does in my head and I find it really awkward to record things as I am doing them.  Maybe overtime I will become more comfortable with using it because I really do think it is something that would be a good use to me because it’s quick and it is simple. 

Anyways here is my sceencast!

Please tell me how to improve!

Watching it over I can personally think of a few ways.

Never did I think I would spend my time making a music video for a cat.  I’ve been having problems with youtube so they video won’t actually be in this post but I wanted to at least reflect on my experience with imovie, and my thoughts on it until I get it up and running.

Personally, I don’t think the music video is all the great, I’m not going to lie, but I do think Beyonce’s Love on Top really does capture the love between the cat and the toy. haha

Imovie is something that I have never worked with and honestly, I didn’t think it was that bad.  Learning the functions of imovie was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  What became difficult was piecing together the footage in a way that really made sense.  I don’t think the video I made makes any sense, but I think it would be a lot easier if I had footage that worked together and maybe even followed a storyline, for example if I was editing a film.



Youtube actually decided to be on my side:

Never did I thi…



So, this cat accurately describes how I felt and looked when trying to make this wordpress blog.

I actually was surprised by how confusing I found wordpress.  I currently use tumblr and because I picked tumblr up so quickly I thought I’d pick up wordpress just as quickly.

I was wrong.

If it wasn’t for the short tutorial given in class and the videos posted I doubt I would have been able to create my blog.  There are a lot of links and buttons that really confused me but after exploring it is becoming a lot easier and I am sure that by the end of the semester.

This picture is going to represent my blogging future and where I hope to be when the semester is over.

Right now I have nothing.  Haha.

I am looking for the dirt and the and the seeds that I help my blog grow into something worthy of reading.  What I consider the dirt is a beautiful theme that I feel describes me as a person.  Hopefully next week after playing around with the site more I find that perfect theme that allows me to start my wordpress journey.


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